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Office Cleaning Services in Nairobi Kenya

There is no doubt that office cleaning services in Nairobi help to maintain a clean atmosphere at work. This creates a conducive environment essential for a productive work environment. Employees will enjoy working at a serene office; hence you will boost work output levels.

With job specialization, it has become quite difficult to maintain a clean office in Nairobi Kenya as most casual laborers lack modern cleaning equipment and expertise to clean. Office cleaning in Kenya goes beyond the normal routine cleaning which involves picking litter and proper use of the bin. Experts recommend a re-touch of every part of your office from the window panes to the floors. Here you will learn more about the office cleaning services in Kenya in 2019 and beyond.  

Benefits of office cleaning in Kenya

Regular office cleaning can make your workplace good, but hiring a specialized cleaning service company is far much better since the cleaning company comes with a plethora of experience. Thus, guarantees excellence!

Office cleaning service companies with over 20 years of experience understand the nitty-gritty of best cleansing practices. Once such a company handles such roles your employees and visitors will enjoy the best environment. Besides, cleaning an office makes it have a great ambiance. This appearance adds a more professional look improving your brand as opposed to an untidy or dirty one. Such a positive impression to your prospective customers may motivate them to get into business with you.

Office cleaning involves the removal of dust from carpets, window panes, floors, and the office furniture. Since your employees are relieved from any stress of handling cleaning duties, they can concentrate on the assigned work roles. Allowing your employees to focus can be beneficial in terms of production. Guess what, a cleaner environment exposes them to almost zero risks of respiratory diseases hence present fulltime.

Choosing the best cleaning company in Kenya

With the vast pool of cleaning companies available in Kenya, making the right choice has proved to be deterring. You end up giving up on your search or settling for less because of the job required. But, is worth for you to suffer while searching for an office cleaning company? Below is a guide to help you select the best cleaning company in Kenya.

Develop a list of the cleaning companies in Kenya

Start by searching for the available cleaning companies in Kenya. You can do this in several ways that can make the search easy. Ask around from your friends and relatives if they know of any proper cleaning companies. Also, referrals are another great way to search for a cleaning company.

Besides that, you can search online for available office cleaning companies in Kenya. All you need for this is a device, computer or phone, and an internet source. However, be notified, the search will yield so many results, such as Chemserve cleaning services and others.

From the many results, you need to narrow down your list until you find your preferred choice. Do this by checking for the following:

Reviews of the cleaning company

You will know more about a company from the clients it has served, instead of the company itself. What previous and current clients have to say about the services of a company counts. This is why you should check the reviews of a cleaning company when making your choice.

Read more than one study to have a broader perspective of how they treat their clients. Remember that some people are mean by nature, and hence, there may be a few negative comments. Although if a company has more positive reviews than negative, then it is the right choice.

Go for a company with excellent online reviews. Avoid companies with generic reviews like good services, excellent work, an. A client who was pleased or displeased with the services will be more detailed. A business that has positive reviews will provide better services.

Develop a detailed office cleaning checklist

Go for a cleaning company that offers the cleaning services you need. Hence, it would be best if you came up with your cleaning checklist. For example, when you are looking for office cleaning services, go to their website and check out about to find out whether they offer such services. Besides, you may contact them directly to inquire if they offer the particular services you want.

You should note that an established cleaning company provides extensive cleaning services such as commercial and domestic cleaning. We at Chemserve Cleaning services all these packages. 

The credibility of the cleaning company

Accidents can happen in the most unexpected circumstances. Imagine something goes a mess while a company cleans your office. Probably furniture or other expensive items get damaged. It is unlikely that this happens, but there is a possibility. In case it does, you need to have a guarantee that the company will cater to the expense of the damage. Therefore, check whether the company has insurance or not.

A cleaning service provider that has insurance may cover you for damages caused during the clean-up process. Still, on credibility, you should look into the certification of a company when making your choice. It is best to go for a cleaning company that has the required credentials to operate.

With the right certification, it means that it observes and adheres to the required standards of operation required by law. If the website has not listed the credentials, visit their offices, or call them to confirm. Do not choose a company that does not have the required certification.

Experience of the office cleaning company in Nairobi 

There is a common saying that practice makes perfect. The more you engage in an activity, the better you become at it. The same case applies to office cleaning companies. If a company has served several major clients, it has gained firsthand experience of what is required. 

Go for a company that assures you it knows what it does. They should not be afraid to explain to you how they will go about handling your cleaning project. Feel free to ask for their office cleaning guides.

Price quotation of the cleaning company

Price is a delicate matter, especially for businesses dealing in the service industry. Service is untouchable, hence unmeasurable. So, how do you know a company has given you the right quotation? Fact is, some companies have hidden charges that they do not mention until later into the project. Hence, it would be best if you asked for a full price quotation first before making any deposits.

Everybody wants to get services equivalent, if not more, of what they pay. So how do you determine the right price? It is simple. After receiving their quotation, ask for a clarification of the budgeting to determine its equivalent.

For example, what kind of cleaning appliances do they use? Ask them how they deep clean an office. Then, from their answer, evaluate whether your money is worth the service they provide.

You should not be afraid of high bills if you are guaranteed excellent results. It is better to incur one lump sum bill, rather than have to repay to have work redone. At Chemserve cleaning services, we have about 20+ years of sparkling clean with top companies in East and Central Africa such as East Africa Breweries, Upfield among others. 

The staff of the cleaning company

The team will be responsible for handling your cleaning project. It may involve the handling of your valuables and other belongings. Hence, you should inquire and make sure that the company has well-trained staff. With adequately trained staff, you are sure to get your work done in time, and that the team takes good care of your valuables.

Equipment of the company

Lastly, consider the kind of material the company will use for the clean-up. Companies with modern cleaning technologies including walking scrubbers and sweepers will differentiate between average and excellent work. Equipment is crucial because it determines the quality of work you will get.


Use the above tips to find the best office cleaning services in Kenya. Remember, to construct a list of the leading companies and hire the one that delivers exceptional. Cleanliness is next to godliness and so your company should embrace it to improve branding and promote safety. Chemserve cleaning service is ready to answer any query related to office cleaning. Contact our support for the best advice ever!