Domestic Services

Domestic Cleaning Services

Residential cleaners work in private homes, vacation rentals, and similar properties. They carry out the typical household cleaning chores we’re all familiar with — vacuuming floors, cleaning baths and showers, dusting, and basic sanitizing. A domestic cleaner will leave your house spotless and gleaming.


We offer office and residential comprehensive general cleaning. You can enjoy our janitorial, specialty cleaning and hard surface cleaning. We guarantee exclusiveness and better services.


Our specialists use an integrated carpet & upholstery cleaning method to remove dirt. Our professionally trained cleaners use the modern cleaning technology and hot extraction method to remove dirt and debris which is not visible in offices. We recommend thorough abrasive cleaning and use of vacuum service for faster drying..


We do fumigation services to both commercial and residential establishments in order to remove pests. Our team is well trained to conduct pest inspection and implement necessary strategies to reduce future infestations. Our chemicals are harmless and use effective cleaning strategies to promote healthiness.


Our work in Golf clubs/jewelry/silverware cleaning speaks for itself. We guarantee clean and shiny jewels you can ever think of. Most of golf clubs entrust our services.

GARDENING & LANDSCAPING -We trim gardens and landscapes providing quality scenery. We shape flowers, trees and shrubs to fit what you desire. We are ready to match and boost your compound. We transform poor terrains, bushy landscapes into aesthetically fitting gardens.

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